Already Over?

Hello everyone! 🙂

Can you believe that it is the last day of being in Year 6 in the Junior School. I will miss the JS because some of my friends are leaving! 🙁 I am a little bit excited for High School.

I loved doing Peer Support with Tahlia and all of the other grades below me. I meet really nice girls in Year 5, 4, 3, 2 and Kindergarten. One of the Year 5’s really wanted to be a leader like Tahlia and I this Year because she was having so much fun. (It was so nice! 🙂 ) She always wanted to help us. Overall I had so much fun in Peer Support. It was really nice having Tahlia as a partner because she colours the world with her heart! (She aways made everything colourful even things that didn’t! It was really nice! 🙂 )

The Passion Project was really fun to do because I loved teaching my puppies tricks. Even now I am teaching them between 30 and 35 tricks. My puppies are still very crazy and whenever we leave for 2 minuted they get so excited. So my Dad and I make them both hi-five our hands. It is cute! 🙂 I will have to teach Merlin and Fynn how to do tricks I have tried and tried to do again. It was the best fun hanging out with my puppies.

The Choose Your Own Adventure was so much fun to do. I based my main character, Victoria Sunshine, on myself and everyone in my class knew that Victoria’s character was based on me! I loved writing it so much, I want to add more chapters and make it into a real book when I am older.

I have enjoyed JS. I liked the JS Musical. The Musical was so amazing to be in. I had the best fun performing and singing with all of my friends.

I will miss being in Year 6, but I am excited to start Year 7!

– Emily 🙂 😉

Novel Studies Fish Chapter 8

Hello everyone!

On Thursday my class read our Novel Study book, Fish. We had a prediction of what we think will happen in chapter 8. Then we read the chapter and some of our predictions where true.

Whenever we finish reading a chapter we have some activities we need to do in our small groups in Edmodo.

When we where finished reading the chapter we had to make a storyboard. We had to pick 8 of our favourite parts of the story.


This is my storyboard:

Storyboard Chapter 8

These are all of the events that are happening in chapter 8.

  1. Tiger was dreaming about potatoes.
  2. Tiger talking to fish.
  3. Tiger hiding in a bush away from the bad people.
  4. Tiger sinking into the mud.
  5. Tiger scraping herself.
  6. Mum, Dad and Guide appear and Tiger starts to cry.
  7. Mum and Dad hug Tiger.
  8. Dad crying with joy.

Thank you for reading my post!


Raising your Voice

Hi readers,

Today I will be talking to you about “Raising your voice.” I am raising my voice about koalas being killed!

Over 700 koalas have been taken from their trees south-west of Melbourne and after being assessed, killed by lethal injection. This has been kept a secret to prevent the public from knowing. The scientists said that the koalas were starving as there were too many koalas in that area. A koala expert said that the koalas were in poor health and that this was the best thing to do. There were many dead trees and not enough leaves for the koalas to eat. Scientists decided rather than moving the koalas and causing them stress they should be killed! The state government said they will not do this again.

 I hope that the state government is telling the truth and does not endorse* the killing of koalas again in secret in order to prevent public outcry. The public, including you and I, have a right to know if any species of animals, including koalas, are going to be culled* and this should not be hidden from us.


Endorse: To declare one’s public support of.

Cull/ed: To reduce the population of (an animal) by selective slaughter.

Koala and baby koalaKoala, no tree... no me!


Thank you for reading my post. Sorry if it made you cry or upset! 🙁

Until next time.

-Emily 🙂


Camp! and Last Day at Boarding School for the Year- Chapter 7

Hello Internet!

Last week, everybody’s parents came to Victoria’s boarding school. They did really fun activities. They did the chocolate challenge, wacked a piñata and musical statues. They had the best lunch of their lives! After they showed their parent’s their work and they did maths game. Then it was the last term and they all thought about next year.

The options for last week were

  1. Sea World, Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild
  2. Brisbane
  3. Canberra

The winning option was option 1.

Here is this week’s chapter I hope you enjoy!

Day 1, Monday, driving to Queensland. 5:30am

“Yay! We finally get to go to Sea World, Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild! It is the best place for camp. I can’t believe it!” I said.

My friends nodded. Krystal hugged me.

“Will you stay with me when we go there?”

“She will and I will because everyone is in groups of 3.” Jake said.

We were all so excited that we are together! We will go to Sea World, Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild for the millionth time! We all packed our bags and are getting on the bus. I am sitting next to Krystal. Everyone chats all the way. We are finally at our resort, Sea World Resort! Everyone gets their own cabin. There are 2 double beds in each cabin so 2 people need to share a bed. As soon as everyone got their keys for their cabin, we ran to them. Jake opened our door ran and dumped his stuff on one of the beds so Krystal and I got to share one. We didn’t mind. Everyone got comfortable and our teachers called everyone to dinner. We got our fresh clothes on and we walked to dinner. Our teacher’s told us the buffet list for the week at Shoreline:

Monday: International Flavours
Tuesday: Tropical BBQ
Wednesday: Flavours of the World
Thursday: Italiano
Friday: Seafood International
Saturday: Seafood Extravaganza
Sunday: Seafood & Carvery

So today we get International Flavours! I can’t wait to see what we have. Everyone dashes to the food area and gobbles all their food up. It was gone in like 5 minutes! Everyone is very hungry. Everyone walks back to their hotel room very happy with all the food in them. The teacher’s told everyone to go to bed but everyone was face timing their friends.

“Hey Mary! What are you doing? Who is in your hotel room?” I asked her.

“Hey Victoria! I am talking to you and watching TV. I am with my very annoying brother, Max and my sweet sister, Melissa. What about you?”

“I am with my annoying brother, Jake and my sweet cousin Krystal.”

Mary hears knocking her door.

“I got to go, teacher. Bye!”

We both stop face timing. Krystal was fast asleep while Jake was watching TV. I shoved him. He turned of the TV and we went to bed.

Day 2, Tuesday, Sea World.

Everyone is so excited for Sea World. Everyone eats breakfast in their hotel room. Jake eats his breakfast while watching TV. Krystal and I eat our breakfast in the corner.

“Are you excited that we are on camp here at Sea World Kris?”

“Yes I am Tori, I can’t wait to go on the Storm!”

We laughed and talked until it was 8:45.

“Girls sorry to bother your conversation but we need to go because Sea World opens at 9:00 and we are going to go in at 9:00.” Jake said.

We all got our backpacks and walked out to the lobby. Everyone was coming out the same time we were coming out. We all got ready to go to Sea World. We are now walking into Sea World. We had to stay in our groups.

All together as a school we watched the dolphin show. We met a few dolphins like Diva. She loves to scare people and to be the boss. Jake, Krystal and I went straight to the Storm roller coaster. We went on the Storm 10 times! 🙂 It was so much fun. We walked over to look at the animal sections. We went to the Creatures Of The Deep, Bon Voyage Henry, Discovery Trail, Polar Bear Shores, Seal Harbour, Dolphin Beach, Penguin Encounter, Shark Bay, Penguin Point and Ray Reef.

We then got an email from our teachers to meet at the penguin show. We got passes to swim with dolphins and we got to watch penguins do amazing tricks. We went to the dolphin area and we got our long swimsuits on and went swimming with the dolphins. We were listening to the instructor and one of the dolphins jumped right in front of Jake. It was Diva. He was frightened but it was funny.

After a day at being at Sea World for 4 hours. We went back to the resort and we had some lunch at the Lobby Lounge. The lunch was so good. After we went back to our hotel room and got dressed into our swimmers. We went down to the pool for 2 hours and it was so much fun. We got dunked with water from the big bucket on top of the equipment. We then relaxed with a nice glass of refreshing drink from the Waterfall Café. We went back to our hotel room for a little while until it was dinnertime. Tonight we had Tropical BBQ. We all jumped on our beds and watched TV. Then Krystal and I fell fast asleep. Jake tucked us in and went to bed.

Day 3, Wednesday, Movie World.

We all had our breakfast and were ready to go to Movie World by 8:30. We were all very excited that we were going to Movie World. Jake really wants to go on the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. It is his favourite scary ride there.

When we got there, Jake ran straight to the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster with Krystal and I. We waited in line for only 10 minutes. When we went on the ride Krystal and I closed our eyes and hugged each other the whole ride. Jake was screaming with joy the whole ride. Krystal and I pulled Jake to the Road Runner Rollercoaster. We went on it and we had the best fun because we were frightened when we went on the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. At 12 we had some lunch and we watch the Looney Tunes cast and the Scooby-Doo cast dance to some songs. We also watched the Road Runner on the big screen.

We went back to Sea World at 1pm to calm down at the pool. We all splashed each other. We went to the play equipment. We were at the pool for 5 hours. We went back to our hotel rooms and we got changed for dinner. We are having Flavours of the World tonight for dinner. Before we had dinner everyone mucked around in the hotel rooms. After dinner we relaxed and went to bed after watching a movie.

Day 4, Thursday, Wet ‘n’ Wild.

We all got ready for Wet ‘n’ Wild! I can’t wait to get wet and have fun. Our favourite ride is Super 8 Aqua Racer.

We got there and went straight to the Super 8 Aqua Racer. It is so much fun! We went on it 20 times! We also went on Constrictor, AquaLoop, Flow Rider, Mammoth Falls, River Rapids, SkyCoaster and Surfrider 10 times. We had some lunch and went back to Sea World to go to the pool. We got a little bit tired of the water so we went back to our hotel rooms and watched TV until dinnertime. Tonight is Italiano! I can’t wait to see what we will have. When we went back to our hotel rooms we went straight to bed because tomorrow we are going back to Boarding School.

Day 5, Friday, NSW.

We all got up at 10 and left at 11:30. Everyone was chatting the whole way and playing music. After a while there was silence. There was one person who made a sound. It was Mackenzie.

“Why is everyone all silent?” she asked everyone.

“Because we are tired!” a girl said.

Mackenzie rolled her eyes. Everyone was asleep on the bus. We got back to the Boarding School at 8:30. Everyone went to bed and had 14 hours of sleep.

Last day of boarding school.

“I can’t believe it Kris, we are going back home.” I said to Krystal.

“I know I can’t wait for next year I will be in Year 3!”

“I will be in the higher part of Boarding School were Jake is because I am going to be in Year 7.

“Guys calm down. I will be able to drive next year!” Jake said.

“No you won’t you are going to be in Year 9.” Krystal and I said.

We all laughed and got our suitcases and went to our cars. We all said good-bye to everyone.

Thank you for all people who has read this story! Special thanks for Alina, Jen (Elspeth’s Mum), Mrs. Miller and Mrs. W for always commenting on my blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed my final chapter!

I have loved writing my CYOA story and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Until next time,


Half Year- Chapter 6

Hello Internet!

Last week, there was a fire and Jake and Victoria had to save two little children, Julie and Justin.

The options for last week were

1. Mackenzie ran up to her Mum and Dad like a princess.

2. Mackenzie’s Mum acted all posh and her Dad acted cool.

3. Mackenzie sat on her bed flicking her hair back and fourth.

The winning option was option 3.

Here is this weeks chapter, I hope you enjoy!

Mackenzie’s parents walked in while Mackenzie sat on her bed flicking her hair back and fourth. Mackenzie always did that when ever her parents came. They air kissed each other. My friends, Krystal, Julie, Justin, Jake and I rolled our eyes. After awhile Krystal, Julie and Justin left and Jake and I stayed until our parents arrived.

We had lots of fun doing activities. We did the chocolate challenge. My family did it with Krystal’s. At the end Krystal, Jake and I were naughty by eating half of the chocolate together. We said softly, 1… 2… 3! We grabbed the chocolate tried to make the pieces into thirds and we gobbled the chocolate up. Our parents laughed because we were stuffing our faces in chocolate. 🙂

Then every family got a piñata. All the kids got to do it. All the Dad’s helped the girls. All the boys were angry. There was one girl who got to do it ‘all by herself’ and that was Mackenzie. When no one was looking her Dad wacked the piñata and gave the bat back to Mackenzie. I was the only one who saw it.

She screamed “I was the first one to brake the piñata! You are all losers except for my girl friends.”

She hi-fived them. She is such a diva. My family was the second one to brake. Then my friends, Krystal friends and Jake’s friends. We were so close to each other so we combined our lollies and we put our lollies into our backpacks.

The next activity was musical statues. My Dad was the one playing the music. Our parents kept on letting us win and we wanted to win fare and square. At the end they lost and we won. It was 5 parents and 6 kids! 🙂

We had lunch with our parents and every family got their own table. We had the best lunch ever. I wanted more. The chef said that we will be having the same thing for a week because our parents are here for the whole week. Krystal, Jake and I were so happy! 🙂 😉

After lunch we showed our parents our work. I showed my Mum and Dad my 20 page story. It was suppose to be 10 but I love writing stories. I showed my parents my drawings and art works. They loved them. Krystal showed her parents her 10 page story. It was suppose to be 5 but like me we both love to write stories. She showed them her drawings and art works. Her parents adored all of her work. We did those things together because she is my buddy. We spend most of our time together. Jake is also our buddy but his work is more professional. Mum and Dad were fascinated with his work.

After awhile we did another activity it was a maths game. We had to estimate how much different type of food we ate at lunch and put it in a graph. At the end we were so close to our estimation. Our estimation was 5 but we ate 7 different types of food.

Our next activity was to write a story together. We get to a week to write it on the last day we have to read it in front of everyone and that is the whole school! Our story was an autobiography about our family.

We had dinner and everyone enjoyed it. Our parents got their own rooms and we all went to bed.

It is our last term of the year and everyone is excited about next year. Next year I will be in the upper towers and they have the best view. The best thing is that you get to choose who you want in your dormitory. I can’t wait!

Everyone is thinking about next year. Who they are going to put in their dormitories. I am already thinking about it.

Out teacher told us we are going on camp on the second last week of the year for 5 days!

We are going to…

1. Sea World, Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild

2. Brisbane

3. Canberra

I hope you enjoyed my 6th Chapter.

Happy Blogging!


Fire!- Chapter 5

Fire! – Chapter 5

Hello Internet,

Last week Victoria had a day dream about Mackenzie wearing a garbage bag. Then Vitoria woke up on her bed. Her day dream went through lunch and dinner. The next day Mary (one of Victoria’s friends) and Victoria were the only ones in their dormitories. Then Nicki ran in and they all walked to the bathrooms. Everyone went to the cafeteria and Mackenzie walked over to Chloe and was asking her questions and Chloe ignored her. She had a tantrum and everyone laughed at her. Victoria thought it was a day dream but it was real life. Everyone went to their dormitories. Victoria asked if she was okay and she blamed it all on Chloe. Victoria, Krystal and Jake walked around together.

The options where:

  1. There is a fire.
  2. There is an evacuation.
  3. Someone fell over and was screaming.

The winning option was option A.

Here is this week’s chapter. I hope you enjoy!



Out of now where there was a fire! Everyone was running around, screaming. Jake, Krystal and I looked around to see where the fire was. It was the little girls and boys who just arrived here yesterday. We went closer and we saw there was a little girl and boy trapped in there. Krystal stayed outside, while Jake and I were trying to get the kids. We went through a hole to get into the room. The girl and boy were crying. Jake found a way to the boy and went out. I was still trying to get the girl. She was frightened so she got her pink teddy bear and hugged it. I finally got to her I picked her up and ran out of the room. The boy and the girl looked as if they were paralysed.

“What are your names?” I asked.

“My name is Julie and this is my brother Justin.” said the little girl.

Jake, Krystal and I walked back to my dormitory and Julie and Justin sat on my bed. The fire men came into Julie and Justin’s dormitory and they took out the fire.

“I thought you said there were 2 children in here?” said of the fire men.

Jake and I ran down the hall. “We got them out.” Jake and I said.

We walked back to my dormitory and the fire men and the Head Mistress followed.

“They are right here with Krystal. We went in the fire to save Julie and Justin.” I said.

Everyone clapped for us and we were very happy that we were able to save Julie and Justin. All that survived the fire was their clothes. Julie and Justin stayed in my dormitory. They both fell asleep.

A few months later.

Julie and Justin were still in my dormitory and their room was only half fixed. They didn’t care because it is half year so that means we can all see our parents! Everyone was making everything perfect.

“Victoria how come it has been 5 months and they still haven’t fixed our room?” Julie asked.

“I don’t know Julie but don’t worry. The Head Mistress said it will be fixed and brand new in 2 months.” I said.

“But they have been fixing it for 6 months!” Justin said.

I calmed them down by giving them a little cupcake.

Everyone was writing little poems and songs for their parents. It was this crazy last year. All the children did was sit down and show the parents their books. I can’t wait to see my parents. Krystal and Jake walked into my dormitory.

“Justin!” Jake yelled.

“Jake!” Justin yelled.

They were two crazy boys. Krystal and Julie were normal because the just hugged each other. Krystal and Jake were excited that their parents were coming.

The first parent that came in was Mackenzie’s!

Here are the options for this week:

1. Mackenzie ran up to her Mum and Dad like a princess.

2. Mackenzie’s Mum acted all posh and her Dad acted cool.

3. Mackenzie sat on her bed flicking her hair back and fourth.

I hope you enjoyed my 5th chapter. Don’t forget to comment which option you would like me to write about next week.

Happy Blogging everyone!


Day Dreaming About Mackenzie- Chapter 4

“Day Dreaming About Mackenzie- Chapter 4

Hello Internet,

Last week Max was dancing like a troll in to the cafeteria while his two sisters, Mary and Melissa, where walking slowly. Mackenzie walked up to Mary and was being annoying and perfect. Victoria pulled Mary away and asked Nicki something and they all swapped beds but Victoria didn’t know she was opposite Mackenzie. Mackenzie walked up to Victoria acting cool and she was talking about Victoria then herself. After a while Victoria had a day dream.

The options were:

A. Victoria Day dreamed of having a fight with Mackenzie and she won.

B. Victoria Day dreamed of acting like Mackenzie.

C. Victoria Day dreamed Mackenzie was wearing a garbage bag.

The winning option was C!

 Here is this weeks chapter, I hope you enjoy!

Out of now where Mackenzie was wearing a green garbage bag. Everyone started to laugh at her and she was really embarrassed.

She then screamed at me “You ruin everything Victoria!”

She screamed at me for 2 hours! It was horrendous but funny because she was wearing a garbage bag.

Matron ran in and took Mackenzie to the Head Mistress’ office. She sat there looking perfect making her garbage bag look pretty. She walked in to the Head Mistress’ office and…

“Hello Victoria wake up!” said Lily.

I woke up on my bed. It was weird a second ago Mackenzie was screaming at me and now she was eye bowling me.

“I am so sorry. I was day dreaming…” I said. “About Mackenzie!” I whispered.

Lily nodded her head and told everyone I was okay. I looked over to Mackenzie and I knew she was talking about me.

“Everyone time to go to bed.” Matron said.

“It’s time to go to bed?  I didn’t have lunch or dinner!” I said.

“You were asleep the whole time but next to you is a salad.” Zoey said.

I ate my salad and went to bed.

The next day, I woke up and no one was in the room except Mary and I.

“Where is everyone?” Mary asked.

“I don’t know?” I said.

Nicki ran inside.

“Come on Victoria and Mary, everyone is in the bathrooms getting ready.” Nicki said.

Mary and I got our things and ran to the bathrooms.

Everyone was talking and brushing their hair. Meanwhile I saw Mackenzie she is talking to Jessica. They always tell each other everything. Everyone got dressed and walked over to the cafeteria. We all ate our meals and Mackenzie walked over to Chloe.

“Hey Chloe, what are you eating? Mackenzie said in a concerned voice while flicking her hair.

Chloe ignored Mackenzie so she has a tantrum.

Everyone looked at her. I thought it was another Day dream but it was real life. Everyone laughed at her.

She stopped and looked around. She ran off with Jessica running after her. Everyone went back their dormitories.

I feel really sorry for her. I walked up to Mackenzie.

“Hey Mackenzie how are you feeling?” I asked.

“Go away Victoria. Everyone laughed at me because of your friend.” Mackenzie said.

I walked out of my dormitories and went to Jake and Krystal’s dormitories. Krystal saw me and she came outside. We both walked to Jake’s dormitories. We all walked around. Krystal was about to say something but there was this sound… 

Here are the options for this week.

A. There is a fire.

B. There is an evacuation.

C. Someone fell over and was screaming.

I hope you all enjoyed my 4th chapter :) Don’t forget to leave a reply.

Happy Blogging everyone!


Skateboard Designs

Hi Everyone.

For the past 10 weeks, year 6rc have been creating skateboards. But not just any skateboards, our skateboards have a social comment!

We started off by looking at graffiti art. This was very interesting. We learned about different graffiti artists such as Reg Mombasa, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Herring.

Next we received our skateboards. This was very exciting! Once we received them, we sanded them down so that they wouldn’t give us splinters!

Then we started to paint. Some girls did a white base coat but I decided not to. I wanted a more natural look to my skateboard, so I kept the wood bare.

Then we got stuck into painting! I painted half of my board yellow and the other blue. The yellow represents sand and the blue water. I painted green waves and I added some of the froth.

For my social comment, I chose Young and Free. I chose this because I feel that everyone deserves to be free even if they are an animal or human. I also chose this social comment because my dogs love to be free and they are very young and energetic!

Here is what my skateboard looks like:


My Skateboard Design


I hope you all like my skateboard.

Happy Blogging!!


Late Kids- Chapter 3

Late Kids- Chapter 3

Hello Internet,

Last week a girl heard stomping coming and it was Victoria and Jake’s horses.

The options for last week were:

  1.  Mary (Victoria’s dormitory) and Melissa (Krystal’s dormitory) came in quietly while Max (Jake’s dormitory) came running in like an elephant and got into big trouble.
  2.  Mary and Melissa came in slowly while Max danced like a troll.
  3. Mary and Melissa came in normally while Max was acting normal then crazy.

The winning option was B!

Here is this week’s chapter. I hope you enjoy!

When all of a sudden everyone turned around and heard stomping. It was Max, he was dancing like a troll. Mary and Melissa came in slowly and walked our direction. Mean while Max was still dancing like a troll.

“Mary why does your older brother act like a weirdo, all the time?” I asked.

“I don’t know actually he is normally cool at home but he also likes a lot of attention.” said Mary.

Jake walked over to Max and they both body slammed each other. They came back over to our table and we all chatted that seemed like forever.

“Everyone it is time to go back to your dormitories.” said the Head Mistress.

Everyone was walking out of the cafeteria and we all good bye to each other as we walked into our dormitories. Mary walked to the empty bed when the diva of our year came over.

“Hey Miss Late Girl. Where were you? Everyone was worried.” Mackenzie said is a sarcastic voice.

“Hi Mackenzie. Um…… I was late because the traffic was horrendous.” said Mary in a scared voice.

I grabbed Mary’s arm and pulled her to my bed.

“Nicki can you do me a favour?” I asked.

“Sure.” said Nicki.

I whispered my favour. She nodded her head. I moved to the first bed. Mary moved to the second bed. Nicki moved to the third bed. Chloe moved to the forth bed. Zoey moved to the fifth bed. Lily moved to the sixth bed. Mackenzie looked at me with the evil eye. She is the Queen of the Cool and Cute girls. Her 5 little sidekicks are Jessica, Lexi, Jewels, Sarah and Katherine. They always say they are the best and the smartest. Well the thing is they aren’t that smart and they are definitely not the best. Most of the time Mackenzie wants to be better than my group but mostly me. Mackenzie walked over to me and acted cool.

“Hi Victoria!” Mackenzie said in a peppy voice. “I was wondering what you did over the break?” said Mackenzie in a concerned voice.

“I…… wait why do you want to know what I did in the break Mackenzie. You never worry about anyone except your self.” I said in a powerful voice.

“Mackenzie kept on talking and talking about me. Then she talked about herself. I then had a day dream…..

Here are the options for this week.

  1. Victoria day dreamed of having a fight with Mackenzie and she won.
  2. Victoria day dreamed of acting like Mackenzie.
  3. Victoria day dreamed Mackenzie was wearing a garbage bag.

I hope you all enjoyed my 3rd chapter!

Please vote for which option you would like to happen next.

Happy Blogging everyone!




Horses?- Chapter 2

Horses-Chapter 2

Hello Internet,

Last week, in chapter one, Victoria and Jake got ready for boarding school. They went next door to get their cousin Krystal. Victoria and Krystal have nicknames for each other: Tori and Kris. Victoria’s parents, her aunty, uncle, cousin and brother got in the car to go to boarding school. When they arrived they knew it would be a crazier year. When they went inside Krystal wanted to go back out to her Mum and Dad but Jake and Victoria stopped her.

For last weeks chapter the three options that people could choose from where,

A. Everyone running really fast into the hall to be safe from the escaped horses from the sables.

B. Everyone walked calmly into the hall to go into his or her dormitories.

C. Everyone walked into the hall to be welcomed to a new year.

There was a tie with Option A and B. I choose Option A for my second chapter.

Here is this week’s chapter. I hope you enjoy!

When all of a sudden everyone stopped and listened. We all heard stomping. I looked at Jake it wasn’t him. I looked at Krystal she was frightened. I hugged her and she held on to me really tight. We put our suitcases against the wall. The stomping got louder and louder by the minute.

A girl walked down and screamed “2 horses have escaped! RUN!”

Everyone stood still. The 2 horses got closer and closer. When Jake and I realised they where our horses.

I got Krystal’s hand and said “Kris get on my back.”

She jumped on my back. I turned to Jake and he knew what I was going to do. My horse got closer to me.

I ran with Krystal on my back and said “Kris get on my shoulders, now!”

She got on my shoulders and I stood up and threw her onto my horse. She screamed really loudly. But no one could hear her because everyone was in the hall. She landed onto my horse. Jake and I ran after them before they ran out of school. We both jumped on our horses and realised they had their saddles on but we didn’t care. We grabbed their reins and pulled them back. Krystal was frightened. She was facing me the whole time squeezing my stomach. We stopped the horses and everyone inside couldn’t hear anything so they all came out. They saw us on the horses and were happy that we were okay. The head mistress came out and she said that she was relived that we were okay.

I took Krystal to her Matron and I said “Kris I will see you at morning tea.”

We both said good bye to each other. James and I walked with our friends with our Matrons and said bye to each other. We all settled into our dormitories and Matron called the roll. Everyone was here except for Mary. Mary is always late to everything. We all hugged, talked and screamed for ages. Then at 10 Matron said that it was morning tea time. I was wondering why we didn’t do any work? It was very interesting. We all walked to the cafeteria. I saw Jake sitting down with 2 seats free. After my year Krystal came in. We got our morning tea together and where trying to find a seat.

When Jake said “Sit down next to me Victoria and Krystal.”

We sat down next to him and chatted about what we did in the morning. It was all the same. We settled in our dormitories, 1 person wasn’t here yet and we all chatted about with each other.

All of a sudden…

1. Mary (Victoria’s dormitory) and Melissa (Krystal’s dormitory) came in quietly while Max (Jake’s dormitory) came running in like an elephant and got into big trouble.

2. Mary and Melissa came in slowly while Max danced like a troll.

3. Mary and Melissa came in normally while Max was acting normal then crazy.

I hope you all enjoyed my second chapter!